Honolulu Weekly features food forest project

June 5, 2013 cover image for the Honolulu Weekly
The new edition of the Honolulu Weekly includes a feature on the food forest project. Here are a few excerpts.

In addition to planting food in public spaces, Food Forest is “also about rethinking the way we allocate our resources towards stewardship of the ‘aina, in a way that is respectful to all and ultimately builds stronger communities,” says Matthew Lynch, executive director of [Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design].

A food-scaped Kamalii Park is envisioned as a multipurpose public space that organizations such as The Institute for Human Services (IHS) and Mental Health Kokua can use for offering more of their outreach and training programs. “IHS is jazzed about our partnership with the Food Forest Project. It dovetails perfectly with the Green Sleeves urban agriculture training that we offer to shelter guests, as well as our Civic Engagement Program, where they’re given opportunities to give back to the community,” says Connie Mitchell, Executive Director of IHS. “We’re 100 percent behind growing food in the city!”

“We applaud the revitalization and restoration of Kamalii Park to benefit the community and the environment and we encourage other communities to do the same,” says Alvin Au, chair of the Downtown Neighborhood Board.

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